The Super Spoof WeekEdit

The Super spoof week is a Part of a Season 2 Premiere. Gumball Edit
Fireball Darwin Penny And Aguilera Does All Spoofs All Kind of Videos Like Chocolate Rain & Caprinha Dance And All Kinds of VideosEdit

Version And SpoofsEdit

1.How to dumb your Boyfriend (Spoof af How to dump your girlfriend)

2.If the Internet was real (TAWOG Version)

3.Caprinha dance (Fireball Gumball Nicole Version)

4.Evolution of Saltatio (Aguilera Version PS. Saltatio Means Dance on Latin)

5.LIKE MAH STATUS (Aguilera Version)

6.Back Gum Boys ( Spoof of Back dorm boys)

7.YOU'RE TEARING ME APART PENNY! (Spoof of You're Tearing me apart Lisa)

8.Go Dwahh (Spoof of Go Bwahh Anais is in the Video)

9.Chocolate Rain (Aguilera Version)

10.Hamster Dance (Aguilera is in it ^^)

11.Fruitball Fail (Spoof of Watermelon fail)

12.PaffenAguilera (Spoof of Paffendorf)

13.AP Wedding Entrance dance (Spoof of JK Wedding Entrance dance. Penny And Aguilera is in the Video)

14.Diet coke And Mentos Fail May 2011 (Penny and Aguilera Version)

15.Banana Joe Time (Spoof of Peanut Butter Jelly Time)

16.Young Spice Girl (Spoof of Old Spice guy.Aguilera is in the video)

17.Masami stole my bike (Spoof of Nigga Stole my Bike)

18.Celery Spin (Spoof of Leeks spin)


20.Troble?(Spoof of Problem?)

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