Fireball Figures out a Spell that makes Gumball Disappear

The SpellEdit

Heres is the Fan Fiction

Episode begins with Gumball and Fireball comin home from School

Fireball comes in lookin Tired

Fireball: Man what a Hard day

Gumball comes dancing and is in the Best Mood

Gumball: It was the Best day Ever!

Fireball: Why are you so glad Gumball

Gumball: Because im Always glad!

Nicole: Hey Kids!

Fireball: Hi Mom (In tired tone)

Nicole: Is something wrong?

Fireball: No i just find this Book on the Street and is a kind of Magical Book With Spells

Nicole: Really let me see

Fireball: Wheres also a Spell that can Make a Person Dissappear

Richard and Darwin Comes into the Livingroom

Richard: Really?

Darwin: Let us see

Fireball: Okay but i dont think its working

Fireball points at Gumball

Fireball: Essa Messa Dissappear

But nothing happens

Fireball: See its just a Throat

Gumball suddenly Explodes

Everybody Gasps

Fireball: GUMBALL!

Fireball: Gumball i know you just tryin to get me in Trouble!

But there is no answer from Gumball

Fireball: Gumball Reappear!

Nicole: Gummypuss! What did you to him Fireball!

Fireball: I dont know Magic Isnt Real and Gumball is just tryin to Make fun of me

Richard: What?! Magic isnt real?


Fireball: Shut up!!!

Fireball: There must be a Logic Explanation! About this!

Darwin: Yeah You have made him go into a Another Dimension

While Pointing On Fireball

Nicole: You Killed my son!!

Fireball: No no no! no no! I just made him Dissappear!

Nicole: Noooo!!!

Fireball: Oh my Freakin Goodness

The Family is sittin around the Table and is lookin Upset at Fireball

Fireball: What?

Richard: You have throwed My Son away! In a Another Dimension

Anais: Okay will somebody tell me what is goin on?

Nicole: Fireball Suddenly Made Gumball Dissappear

Anais: What? What do you mean?

Nicole: He Uses a Spell! that made him Explosion!

Nicole: My Boy is dead! (Begins Cryin)

Richard: Take it easy Nicole we could always Adopt a New Gumball

Richard: And Throw Fireball down in the Well!

Nicole: That Actually Sounds like a Good idea Richard!

Fireball: Oh god why is this Happening to me?

Darwin: You have Blasted my Brother into another Dimension!!


With very Loud Voice

Everybody looks at Fireball with very Big Eyes For 3 Seconds

Fireball:Look Im very Worried Bout Gumball too And i'll will Promise that i will find him

Richard: He could be everywhere!

Darwin: Yeah Another Dimension!

With Upset Voice

Fireball Begins to get very very Angry Because Darwin still is Talkin bout the Other Dimension


Fireball Rises his Bat and Knocks Out Darwin in Rage

Fireball Is Breathing Loudly and suddenly Calms down

Fireball: Whoopsy

Then the Family Gets more Upset at Fireball

Fireball: Gee Haha Im in so much Trouble Now Isnt I?

Then the Scene changes to a Shot of the School

Fireball and the Rest of the Class is sittin in the Class like Always

Fireball: Aw These Poundings is very Hurtful Aw

Penny: Hey Fireball

While Whisperin to him

Penny: Wheres Gumball

Fireball: Yeah its a very funny story

Miss Simian: Tina?

Tina: Here

Miss Simian: Molly

Molly: Here

Miss Simian: Gumball

There is no Answer from Gumball

Miss Simian: Can somebody tell me where Gumball is?

Darwin: Fireball Made Gumball Dissappear into a Another!!!

Miss Simian: What is that True?


With the same Very Loud Voice

Everybody in the class gets very Quiet

Fireball: Oh this not gonna look good on my Grades

Scene now Changes to Fireball who is checkin his Locker

Then Penny comes over to Fireball

Penny: Hey Fireball is it Really True that you made Gumball Disappear into another Dimension

Fireball Laughs quiet

Penny Smiles

Fireball: Yes its Actually True

Penny: WHAT!?

With A Upset face

Fireball: But its because of

Penny: You Stupid Idiot!

Fireball: WAIT PENNY!

The scene changes to a Shot of the School

Fireball is not seen but he's Loud Scream Of Pain is Heard

Fireball Is seen walkin with Hands down on his Crotch

Fireball With very Quiet and Painfully Voice

Fireball: I didnt no that Penny had so Muscular Legs

Fireball: Aw it hurts!

Fireball now comes into the Gym Room

Miss Simian: Okay Class today we gotta have Dodgeball!

Fireball: Oh oh

Miss Simian: Begin!

Fireball Throws there Balls at Fireball

Fireball: Aw aw aw! It Hurts! Gah Da! It!

Fireball is now seen Walkin Home With many Poundings on his Face and Body

Fireball: Oh God what a Hard Day

Fireball: Atleast my Family's love will heal me

Then he Opens the Door but the family throws Things at him

Fireball: Aw aw aw aw aw!

Fireball:THATS ENOUGH!!!!

Then the Family Stops Throwing things at him

Fireball: I Have a Hard day

Darwin: Lets hope that!

Fireball: My Grades had Fall Hardly down I Been Kicked in the Balls of a Girl! And been Totally Knocked out in Dodgeball

Darwin: Aw that sounds Painful

Fireball: And when im Finally home you just makes my Day more Harder!!!

Then the Family gets rip

Fireball: Ugh I will go out and Find Gumball Then you guys can Think over what you done!!!

Then he Slams the Door

Nicole: He's right

And then Everybody gets Quiet

Nicole: Next we will Throw Stones at him!

Everybody: Yeah!!

In Gumball and Darwin's Room

Fireball: I have to figure out a way to save Gumball.

Fireball Thinks

Fireball: Yes! I have a perfect idea!

Anais knocks on door

Fireball: Hello?

Anais: CHARGE!!!!!!

Family throws stones at him.

Fireball: Oww! Stop it! STOP It! STOP IT!!!!!!

Everyone stops


Nicole: If you call the cops, you WILL be grounded.

Fireball Runs into the room and locks the door

Nicole: OPEN THE DOOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!

In another dimension

Gumball: Where am I?

Gumball: Fireball, Darwin, Anais, Mom, Dad where are you?

Gumball looks around

Gumball: Guys, guys, GUYS!

Gumball: Am I in space?

Voice: Hello....

Gumball: Who said that?

Voice: Hello....

Gumball: Darwin show youself right now I know your trying to scare me?

Gumball gets nervous

A shadow appears

Gumball: Who are you?

Voice: I am Flock

Gumball: Flock?

Flock: Yes.

Gumball: Oh.. why am I here?

Flock: I'm going to teach you how to be calm, wise and protect yourself.

Gumball: Why? I already know.

Flock: No you don't you are pretty dumb.

Gumball: Hey!

Flock: No time to get mad. I must teach you how to be calm, wis-


Flock: I know lets get started.

Gumball: Wait, why am i here again?


Flock Teaches Gumball how to levitate things by using his mind. Then Flock teaches him equations, science and read. Finaly, he teaches Gumball to defend himself by using boulders.

Flock: How do you feel?

Gumball: I feel different....

Flock: Now it is your time to go back into your home.

Gumball: Please I need to stay to be more advanced.

Flock: Sorry but no.

Gumball: Please?

Flock: No.

Gumball: Please?

Flock: I said NO!

Flock teleports Gumball back to elemore.

At the Watterson's house

Nicole knocks on door really hard



Anais: Wow dad you scared me!

Darwin: Me too!

Nicole: Yeah richard i've never heard you yell that loud before.

Richard hears a sirin

Richard: The cops are here!

Darwin: Were too late.....

Officer Dounout: Get out the house and put your hands up!

In the room

Fireball: Yes, I've called the cops in time! but I shuld tell them that I lied.

Richard breaks through door

Nicole and Richard get mad.

Officer Dounout breaks throught front door


Fireball: stop, I lied to you. They really didn't hurt me. I should be the one arrested.

Officer Dounout: Okay fine.

Voice: Stop!

Fireball: Who's that?

Gumball appears glowing


Gumball: The reason I've dissappered is because a guy named flock tranined me to be wise, calm and to defent myself.

Everyone: Wow.

Officer Dounout: So you guys were just mad because your son dissappered.

Everyone: Yep!

Officer Dounout: Oh....

Officer Dounout Leaves

Anais: If your wise then what's 2+2?

Gumball: 4.

Anais: Then what's 6x8?

Gumball: 48

Anais: Then... Um....... How do you do 9xd=36

Gumball: First you do the oppisote of multiplcation which is divid. Then you make a line under the 9 and put a 9 there. Cross it out and put 9 under 36. Finally you divid 9/36 and you get 4.

Anais: Wow he's good.

Nicole: I'm so glad we have him back!

Everyone else: Me too!

The episode ends