Jasper doesn't knows why Catrin doesn't answer him.


(Episode starts at school.)

Catrin: Hi, Darwin! Hey, Gumball!

Jasper: Hi, Cat!

-Catrin looked angry at Jasper and go-

Jasper: What the heck did I do wrong?

Cobby: You stand in the way. As I said, girls do not like to stand in the way.

Martha: Well can't you leave her alone!

Jasper: That's it!

Mabel: What, don't you let me alone?

Jasper: No, I'll wonder what's with me!


Episodes with Australian CensorshipEdit

  • All the "heck" curses were changed with "derp".

Episodes with TV5 CensorshipEdit

  • "Leave her alone" was changed to "Leave her in peace".

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