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The Queen

The Queen is The 2th Episode in Season 2 in The Amazing World Of Gumball


When Sadie Frost Steals That Crown That Aguilera Brought From Northen Scandinavia She Turns into A Icequeen!. Can Gumball Fireball Darwin And Aguilera Stop Her From Turning Hold Elmore into a Ice Kingdom?


Aguilera is Back From Norwegian And has a Light Blue Crown With Dark Blue Crystals Many of The Class Members Finds The Crown Very Interesting While Sadie Is Lookin Through The Door Window Through The Door She Finds It Very Much Interesting Almost Attractive

Aguilera Lays The Crown into Her Locker Later That Day When Everybody has Left School Sadie Randomly Finds Out That The Code to her Locker is Sadie now Steals The Crown And Runs Home. In her Room Sadie stares at The Crown With Big Eyes She is Very Leaked to the Crown So she takes it On. Sadie's Hair Is Slighty Begin To Turn White And Her Mom Comes into Her Room Suddenly But Sadie Turns Her into a Iceberg Katie Heat and Her Dad Also comes in to See What is Goin On But Sadie Also Turns Them Into a Iceberg

Major CharactersEdit


Sadie Frost




Minor CharactersEdit

Katie Heat

Sullvan(The fuck, what he does here? Fucks)