(14 years ago)Edit

Nicole:  Mercury, honey. Are you excited?

Mercury: For what?

Nicole: To be a big sister?

Mercury: Big sister?

Nicole: Yes to your little brother, Fireball.

Mercury: Little brother? No! I don't want a little brother!

Nicole: Mercury, honey. This is a big privilege, you'll be a good sister & you'll have fun-

Mercury: No! No, no, no, NO! No! I don't want a brother!(cries loudly)

Richard: Mercury, stop crying please. Daddy's trying to sleep. 

Mercury: NO! I WANT A SISTER!!

Clara: But you have me?

Mercury: No, you're my big sister. I want a little sister!

Clara: Don't worry, you'll have a sister soon...

(After 2 years)Edit

Nicole:  Mercury, honey. Are you excited?

Mercury: For what?

Nicole: To be a big sister?

Mercury: Big sister? Again?

Nicole: Yes, to your little brother and sister (Gumball and Mabel).

Fireball(At 2 years, it's kinda normal talking patched): Do you mean the twins?

Nicole: Yes.

Clara: See, Mercury?

Mercury: I have to recognize that's a change... What! Another brother?

Clara: No. A brother and a sister!

(Two weeks later. After four hours of labor, Nicole had finally one of the twins, the girl and took her to a scanner to find out who's elder.They go for the next baby,they tried to make the baby go out but can't,Nicole bears the pain. Due to her complication at the second baby, the doctors said that would kill her if they keep on doing the action and decided to make a cesarean in 5 minutes . Meanwhile, the family could have a look at the baby.After the scanner was complete,the doctor carries the babies)

Doctor:Mrs. Watterson,here's your new healthy baby girl and boy,oh and the scanner has revealed that the female is older than the male.In five minutes,of course.(Gives the babies to her)

(The family went inside)

Everyone:AAH!What kind of baby is that!

(Nicole screams)

Nicole: I don't know!

Mercury: What do you mean you don't know? Everyone has beauty,except that(point to Gumball)

(Then,Gumball starts to shed a tear)

Mercury:No,no,no don't cry,don't cry.(He stops shedding tears)

(Fireball claps)

Clara: Wow. I think little Fireball likes you. (laughs)

FIreball: Do again, do again!

Clara: Wait, I have a name I could give her.

Nicole: What is it?

Clara: Mabel.

Mercury: Wow.

Nicole:How about the boy?


(Then,Nicole feels that the second baby can't breathe)

Nicole:Oh no,the second baby can't breathe.NURSE!!

(The nurse rushed in)

Nurse:Oh my,um we'll just take this baby to the blanket room(Surgery room) in order to fix this situation.

Nicole: Wait! I didn't give name to the boy. Ooh,how about Zach.

Mercury: I heard the most boring name I ever heard.

(The doctors came to take her in the Surgery Room. After the birth, the family was worried because of the second baby's well-being - he can't breathe due to his deformed head. The doctors finally stabilized him.)

(After a week, the nurse was pushing Nicole in the wheelchair)

Nurse: The kids are completely adorable. I mostly like the girl.Come back sooner.Bye!

(the nurse leaves; everyone rush to see the reformed baby)

Everyone: Aww..

Richard: Aw,they're so cute than us. (Carries Gumball and Mabel) Oh,you are so ticklish too..

(The babies laughs)

Nicole: You know we should give Zach a nickname. How about Gumball?

Mercury: BETTER! But I wanted just a sister...

Clara: Don't worry. Next time, it'll a girl...An only girl...

(After 8 years) Edit

Nicole: Mercury, honey. I knew you'll be excited. Are you?

Mercury: Why am I supposed to be excited?

Nicole: Get ready for your new baby sister and you be a big sister.

Mercury: Wait, did you say "sister"?!

Clara: Yup. And no twin!

Mercury: YAY!!

Mabel: Sis, you better be excited.

(Gumball runs around the house)

Fireball: II'l catch you!

Gumball: No, you're not!

(They laugh)

Mercury: This is my best year of my life. WOOHOO!!

Clara: Well, that we wished for you.

Mercury: And didn't it came true?

Fireball: Yes.

Nicole:Um,I know!How about "Anais"

(After 4 years) Edit

Nicole:I'm afraid your sister,Mabel is not the eldest.

Mabel and Mercury:What?!

Mabel:But you said I was born in 5 minutes.

Nicole:Oops,I think I read Gumball's birth certificate.

Mabel:Phew,I am older than Gumball in 5 minutes.

Gumball:I know!

(Grabs the certificate of his and reads)

Gumball;Oh,I am younger.

(Then,Anais went inside)

Anais:Um,I think we need to check.

Mercury:Mom,I finally learned my lesson.You should be nice towards your family even you can't have a sibling you want.

Trivia Edit

It reveals that Mabel is older than Gumball in 5 minutes.