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  • Gumball Watterson (Johnny Galecki): The oldest (and the only) son. 
  • Mabel Watterson (Anna Paquin): Gumball's twin sister.
  • Martha Nuttels (Jennifer Lawrence): Gumball's girlfriend.
  • Cobby Nuttels (Ben Stiller): Martha's brother, Mabel's boyfriend.
  • Anais Watterson (Ariel Winter): Gumball's sister.
  • Catrin Jakeson (Kelsey Grammer): One of Gumball's close friend, Mabel's best friend.
  • Nicole Watterson (Alicia Keys): Gumball, Mabel & Anais' mother.
  • Richard Watterson (Jerry Trainor): Gumball, Mabel & Anais' father.
  • Rossa Peritzio (Nicola Peltz): A Italian girl who helps Gumball to catch the Egyptean Mummy of Doom.
  • Chris Spacely (Christopher Lloyd): A manager who can enjoy anything.
  • Bobert Shadowthourne (Paul Bettany): The Dark outcast. He becomes good after Cobby fixed him.
  • Selim Khalazar (Jamie Lee Curtis): Gumball's Turkish guide in Other World. 
  • Kenneth Rolindran (Dee Bradley Baker): A secret agent.
  • Maximus Vice (Frank Welker): A Decepticon who wants to kill Gumball.