The Annual Elmore Junior High Sports fest is held! And the Class tries Everything to Win!


  • In this Fic we finds out Aguilera is good at Swimming
  • This is the second time Gumball gets Knocked in the Buns The first time was in The Fireball Adventure
  • In This Fic we also find out that Anais and Penny are very Bad at Volleyball
  • In this Fic we find that Mabel and MeeMee are good at volleyball
  • The Volleyball part is a Reference to this Scene from Azumanga daioh
  • This is the second time Bobert tries to do sports. The first time was in The Robot.

Fan Fiction[1]Edit

Aguilera is outside in her Garden Doing Sport Exercies

Aguilera: 1..2..3..4!

Aguilera: 1..2..3..4

Then Aguilera's Mom comes out in the Garden

Angelina: Sweety What are Are you doing?

Aguilera: I'm Training to the Annual Elmore Junior High Sportsfest

Aguilera: It's Gonna be Awesome!

Angelina: Oh It's so Good that you Really Care About your School!

Aguilera: Who said Something About Caring!

Aguilera: I'm Just gonna Kick Everybody's Butt!

Angelina: *Sigh* Well Dinner is Soon ready.

Then Angelina Goes inside but then she Says

Angelina: Don't Sweat To Much thats Unhygienic!!!!

Aguilera: Yeah yeah!!

At the Watterson's house

Inside Fireball is doing Work out Infront Of The TV

TV: Side And Side And Jump And Jump!

Fireball does the things the TV Says

Then Gumball is seen in the Background with the Remote to the TV

He Presses on a Button which make the TV Go Faster

TV: Side And Side And Jump And Jump! (Fast Talkin)

Gumball Presses more on the Button which make the TV Go even Faster

TV: Side And Side And Jump And Jump! (More Faster)

Fireball: Why is it going so Fast!!?!

Fireball is Breathing loudly

Fireball: Oh My God!

Then Fireball Stops the Working out

Then he Turns his head to Gumball

Fireball: Gumball!

Gumball: Oops.

Fireball: Why are you Doing that!?

Gumball: Sorry it's Just so fun to see you Flip out!

Fireball: Gumball, I'm Training to The Sportsfest!

Fireball: Why arent you Training with me?

Gumball: Nah Sport Isn't my Cop of Tea.

Fireball: Also Biology, Cooking, Math, English, Swimming.

Gumball: Okay! Okay! I Know it!

Fireball: The Only thing you are Doing is Watchin Television And Play Video Games!!

Fireball: *Sigh* I'm Gonna Keep Training And you better leave me alone!

Gumball: Okay! Geez Who Drank your Cocoa...

Fireball: Well, duh! You need 1 hour to drink it!

(The Next day at the school race Track where Elmore High is)

Aguilera is seen Talkin with the Cheerleader Squad

Aguilera: Oh! This is gonna be Awesome!

Aguilera: I'm so much gonna rule in Every Discipline No Doubt.

MeeMee: If Martha wants popcorn...

Penny: Yeah Aguilera, you the Most Atlethic Person I know here on the School.

Scene changes now to Fireball who is Standing with Gumball and Tony

Gumball: Oh, I don't Hope there's gonna be Any physical Activities!

Fireball: Gumball, that's how Sports fest's Are! There's not Anything But Physical Activities.

Gumball: Oh, this is gonna be Embarrasing for me.

Martha: Hey Boys!

Fireball: Oh No..

Then Martha Appears And Tony begins to make the Same Giga Smile he made in The Meddler

Tony: You're so sexy

Martha: I Come Here for Cheer you Guys up!

Martha: Cuz you Know In my Time on Elmore Junior High! I was a Cheerleader!

Mabel:Me too.I'm the vice leader.

(Cobby enters and saw Mabel in dream mode;he

Fireball: Unbelievable..

(To Gumball)

Martha: So Im gonna cheer you Guys Up!

Mabel:Hey,me too!

Fireball: Oh No..

Gumball: What's with this? Martha is MY girlfriend!

Cobby:I like somebody.Your sister.

Gumball:Ugh!I know!

Bobert: What about me?

Gumball: But, You're not good at sports.

Bobert: I'll show you!

Martha:Come on sushi!

Mabel:I am not sushi!

To the SportfestEdit

Principal Brown is Talking in a Blowhorn

Brown: Welcome Fellow Students! To The 37th Annual Elmore Junior High Sportsfest!

Everybody is Cheering

Martha: Where's my popcorn?

Mabel:You didn't brought popcorn.Look,it's the team!

Brown: This is how we do it!

Brown: We will Randomly Pick Two or Three names and they have to Fight in a Discipline!

Brown: Okay! The First Discipline Is!

Brown: Swimming!

Brown: Okay the First Student to Fight in this Discipline Is!......Aguilera!!

Aguilera: Hey that's Me!

Brown: And The Second is!..........Rachel!

Aguilera: R-Rachel?

Carmen: Oh I Heard she's Good at Swimming.

At the School Swimming Pool[2]Edit

Rachel: Ha! I'm so much gonna Knock! You out Aguilera!

Aguilera: As you Know I once Won an Swimming Contest when I was 10 I Was Number 2! In Elmore Swim Contest!


Rachel: Yeah, Right!

Brown: Okay, Begin!

Then Aguilera and Rachel Jumps in the Water

Molly: Come on Aguilera!

Penny: Kick her pussy! (notices Sullvan) What?

Sullvan: Sex?

MeeMee: You're a pervert.

Aguilera Catches Up Rachel

Rachel: What I can't Lose to her!

Then Rachel Catches up Aguilera

Aguilera and Rachel keeps Catching Each Other

Tony: Come on! Sugar Babe!

Fireball: Sugar babe?

Tony: What's your problem?

Cobby: Look at her! She is more closer...AND WINS!

It ends with Aguilera Winning the Discipline

Aguilera: YES! I Won!

Penny: Yeah!

Cobby: Woohoo!

Then Aguilera Gets up of the Water

Molly: You were Awesome!

Mabel: You Totally Ruled!

Then Principal Brown Comes over to the Girls

Principal Brown: Well done Aguilera! You Won the Swimming Contest

Principal Brown: Here's your Medal.

Then Brown Gives Aguilera a Gold Medal

Aguilera: Awesome!

With stars in her Eyes

Scene Changes again to the School race track

Brown: Okay Students! The Swimming Discipline was a Success! Now it's to the Next! Discipline!

Brown: The Tennis Discipline!!

Everybody is Cheering

Brown: The Following two Students who will Participate In The Tennis Discipline Is!

Brown: Fireball! And Gumball!

Cobby: What? They're bros. THEY CAN'T BATTLE!

Martha: Yeah, but just imagine what the audience will be!

Mabel:Yup,okay now let's

Fireball: Wow how Random.

Gumball: Ha! I Rule at Tennis!

Fireball: Gumball..You have never Played Tennis!

Gumball: Whatever!

Gumball: I Still Rule!

Fireball: Ugh...

At the Tennis StadiumEdit

Everybody is Cheering

Cheerleaders:Go Elmore High!(Throws Mabel in the air)

(Cobby was still seeing her in dream mode)

Martha: Where's my popcorn, again?

Fireball: Okay, Let's do it!

Then Fireball Throws the Tennis ball up and Hits

Gumball: Okay! I Got it I got it!

Then Gumball Hits the Ball and it Flies over to Fireball

Fireball Hits the Ball too As well

Aguilera: Come On Fireball!

Fireball: Wow Gumball! You Pretty Good! At Tennis!

Then Fireball Hits the Tennis Ball but it Accidentaly Hits Gumball in the Crotch

Everybody: Uuuh!

Fireball: Ouch!

Gumball: Awww...

Then Gumball Falls over with the Hands In His Crotch

Fireball: Aw that was Painful...

Nicole: Epic fail!!

Then Nicole Runs down to Gumball

Nicole: Gumball, are you Okay?!

Jasper: Duh, the heck chaces him!

Gumball:This is... (painful grunting noises) ...extraordinarily painful. This can't possibly get any worse!!

Principal Brown: Well, Since Gumball is Unable to Play That Makes..

Principal Brown: That Makes Fireball the Winner!

Mabel: That's not fair!

Catrin: Exactly! By the rules, if not too badly hurt, the tennis game should continue!

Principal Brown: Fuck...


Martha: Gay!

Then Fireball Comes over to Gumball

Fireball: Uhm Gumball, I'm Sorry Because I Knocked you in The Balls.

Gumball: Tha..tha..I Can't Talk Right now...

Nicole: Fireball! You know how Sensitive Gumball is there!

Fireball: Sorry...

Gumball: Not a big problem. (Rise up) HEY LET'S START!

After a game, Gumball wins, because Fireball accidentally wasn't careful and was hinted in the Crotch

Gumball: Martha, don't worry, I'm your popcorn!(gives his flowers to Martha)

(She blushes)

Aguilera: OWW...That's so sweet! Fireball, how much flowers you give me?

Fireball: I'll give you some later.

Principal Brown: Okay Time to the Next Discipline is Volleyball!

Everybody Is cheering

Martha: Where's my popcorn, again?

Fireball: Yay..(With Painful Noise)

Principal Brown: The four Students that will Participate In this Discipline Is!

Principal Brown: Penny, MeeMee, Mabel, And Anais!

Anais: That means all shall Play together!

Penny: It Sure does!


Penny: Okay! Mabel are you ready?

Mabel: Yeah, I'm Ready.

Penny: Okay here we go..!

Then Penny Throws the Ball up in air

Anais: Backing Up! Backing Up!

Then the Ball hits Anais on the head

Anais: Ah!

Then Anais runs back to the ball

Penny: Oh, Sorry Anais!

Anais: It's okay!

Anais: Okay! I'll throw it up now

Then Anais throws the ball up in the air

Penny: Oh no..Oh no..

The Ball hits Penny In the Head like It Did to Anais

Then Penny Runs back to ball

Anais: I'm Really Sorry!

Penny: Yeah!

Penny: Okay Don't miss it Anais!

Then Penny Throws up in the air

Anais: Aah ah ah.

This time the ball hits Anais in the face

Anais: Dah!

Then Mabel throws up in the air

Mabel: Yes!

Fred:She's great!


And this time Penny and Anais miss the ball

Scene Changes Principal Brown who is Looking at the Girls who keeps Giving the Ball up But Hits Each other On The Head or Face except MeeMee

Principal Talks in a Blow horn

Principal Brown: Okay! Girls I Think that's Enough! It's look like MeeMee and Mabel wins!

Then He give Mabel a gold medal

Mabel: Yeah! I won!

Penny: I think too.

Anais: Oh My Poor Head.

The Spectators Are Just looking akward at them

Gumball: Wow! Penny and Anais Stink at Volleyball.. But, my sis good

Aguilera: This Reminds of a Scene from a Japanese Cartoon I Once Saw on the Internet.

Principal Brown: Uhm... Okay Girls, That's Enough! You can stop.

Anais: Okay!

Penny: That's Fine.

Then Penny, MeeMee, Mabel, and Anais Leaves the Volleyball Stadium

Principal Brown: Okay! The Next And Final Discipline Is!

Principal Brown: DODGE BALL!!

Everybody is Cheering

Principal Brown: This time! The students will be Split in 2! Teams! Team A! And Team B!

At the School GymEdit

Principal Brown: Okay! Begin!

Fireball: Wait wait wait! Are you Guys Using Basketballs like Dodgeballs?

Fireball: Someone could get Seriously Injured!!

Bobert: Let's this start now!

Principal Brown: Who cares?

Principal brown: BEGIN!!

A Lot of Dodgeballs get Throwed Around

Some Scenes Shows that Idaho, MeeMee, AiAi, Anton and Banana Joe gets Hit

And Also Juke, Rachel, and Carmen including Bobert and then he pass out

Now a Scene Shows that a Ball hits Gumball in the Buns

Spectators expect MeeMee and Bobert: Uuuuh!

Fireball: Nooo again! (With Painful High Pitched Voice)

Then Fireball Falls Over

Now a Scene shows that a Ball Hits Aguilera right in the Stummick and it seems Painful

Aguilera: Oh Gah...

Then she Falls Over

Penny: Aguilera are you Okay?!

Penny: Talk to me!!!

While Penny is Lookin at Aguilera Worried A Ball hits her Head but she dosent Notice it

Gumball: If he's okay?

Principal Brown: Don't worry, Bobert will be sent to the nurse's office.


Principal Brown: Okay! after a Battle of Tears Hope Courage!

Principal Brown: It end with Gumball as the Last Standing!

Gumball: Yes I Won! Yeah

Principal Brown: Here's your Medal.

Principal Brown Gives Gumball a Gold Medal

Gumbball: That's how it's Done!

Bobert: That's not how it's done!

Gumball: See. You're not good at sports.

Bobert: Okay. See you Monday, Gumball.

While Driving Home from SchoolEdit

Nicole: Wow Boys! that was A Harsh Battle!

Fireball is still in Totally Pain after his Ball Bust in the Dodgeball Course

Fireball: It Still Hurts Bad!

Gumball: Wow I won 2 Medals!

Fireball: That shows just how Athlethic you're!

Gumball: Thanks, bro!

Mabel: I Hope Aguilera is gonna Be Good after A Hard Dodgeball Hitted her in the Somach..

Nicole: It's Gonna be Great to get Home after a Long day..