Is it just me, or my sensing powers aren't working?
— Skylar Peterson

Skylar Peterson is a yellow cat who debuted in The Gag fanfiction. She is Priceleon Van Garren's

Skylar Peterson
Biographical Information
Alias That Sexy Girl(by Mabel),
Birthday April 13
Age 16
Height 165cm
Weight 50kg
Species Cat
Status Teenage
Professional Information
Occupation Guardian
Affiliation The good guardians
Personal Information
Relatives Gumball(Owner,) Darwin(Guardian), Anais(Warden),

Mabel(Guardian), Nicole(warden), Richard(none he' guardian)

First Seen The bee

girlfriend and a teenage Kitsune (half fox), she is friends with the allies but somehow her relationship with Mabel is considered "a minor rivalry", "a rival friendship" or frenemies (more friends than enemies). She's one of the notable Kitsunes to have shown in the series. her make in debut in the game, The bee


Skylar wears a pink top, a mallow skirt and daerk grey boots. She also has six whiskers and and a tail much similar to Gumball. She wears a white and purple dress and a purple bikini when swimming. At parties she wears a long purple dress.

Her nightwear is a light purple dress.


Skylar may sometimes seem like a bit of a brat, but deep down, she is actually a really nice person and has a Skylar is also very smart. She can accidentally get into Gumball's misadventures and tries to turn them into something good, but she always gets stuck in them instead. She's also a half tomboy.

She has a sensitive side that people rarely see, but she almost never cries. There are some girl traits that are seen throughout the series. She also likes challenges.



  • Skylar carries an iPod around with her at all times, in case of "emergy".
  • Skylar's best talent is singing. She also sang at the Elmore Junior High concert.
  • Skylar takes part in tennis.
  • Skylar uses her claws in battle.
  • Princeleon promised her that he will marry her one day.
  • Skylar and Mabel can sing.
  • It reveals her family was rich, but only her great-great (x3)-grandpa had more than $100.000.
  • She frequently hides in the house and would always pray to Inari, The Goddess of All Kitsunes and would only treat her sister as her "first real friend".
  • She can't use her powers against Martha and Mabel's powers because Kitsunes are weaker to witches or Dhampirs.

Abilities & WeaknessesEdit

Since Skylar is a Kitsune, she has all of the creature's abilities. Her abilities are somehow advance due to her crucial training with Doodles.

  • Fox-Fire Manipulation - This is the main ability of a Kitsune. With this abilitiy, Skylar can summon fire at her own will through her tails and her body. Mabel and Dan were victims of this ability and they described it to be hot "like a boiling water or lava". This is particularly more like a Pyrokinesis but is different and more powerful.
  • Temperature Regulation - In this abilitiy, Skylar has the ability to control her own temperature, she uses this to used Fox-Fire Manipulations.
  • Weaknesses-If she's affected by Mabel's magic,cause she's the chosen one,will lose her powers,it's the manupliation is blocked due to her powers are too strong for her.This would stop her power temporarily or forever if it's cursed.

Shapeshifting - Skylar is a great shapeshifter, she was able to shapeshift into her human form and her fox form with ease.