Nicole Watterson is one of the main characters of The Amazing World of Gumball. She is the most

Nicole Watterson
Biographical Information
Alias Nicole Sakamoto
Birthday August 1st
Age 42
Height 180cm
Weight 58kg
Species Cat
Status Alive
Professional Information
Occupation Rainbow Factory saleswoman (Current), Vampire Assassin(Formerly)
Affiliation Flares (Formerly), The Rainbow Factory(Current)
Position Elite Member
Personal Information

responsible member of the Watterson family. When she is not taking care of her family, she is at work in the Rainbow Factory. She cares about her family, and often tries to keep Gumball and Darwin from getting into stuff that will ruin their future, as shown in The GI. Nicole also loves her daughters Anais and Mabel Watterson, but with her being responsible, Nicole usually does not have to worry about her. According to The This Giant Buck of House, she married Richard because she was need to have a company after her husband died.


Nicole is a light blue cat. She has six whiskers, just like her sons and daughter, but all of her whishers are always visible, unlike Gumball. She wears a white work shirt with a grayish-purple skirt. She also wears a rainbow pin, which may symbolize her workplace, the Rainbow Factory. She looks similar to her sons and daughter(Mabel).


Despite caring her family and able to work long hours without stress, Nicole has a medium temper. It is this temper, that is shown in The Responsible, that makes Gumball afraid of her more than anything else. She hates being talked-back to, as shown in The DVD when she punched a hole in the door in response to Gumball's talk-back. Nicole can have a difficult time relaxing, as shown in The Painting, and usually breaks everything in the house just for being able to clean it all up.


  • Nicole is great at improvising, as shown in The Spoon when she used the frosting on her rope to get Richard to bite off the rope that was holding her.
  • Nicole is very athletic, as she can knock people out with a sausage and has done many stunts in the chase in The DVD.
  • She maybe worried about Mabel not able to marry Cobby in the future and never have kids in life,she teaches her how to master free running and karate which she inherited herself.
  • She was a member of the Vampire Assassin Guild called Flares.But quit the club after learning her daughter is a dhampir,along with her brothers because she might harm them.

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