13 years after, Maximus Vice felt powerless. It's pretty old, so he turned 130 years in the Decepticons years.. He lived the last years of his life in a maximum security cell in the jail of Aberton, Colorado, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the death of former mayor of Colorado.

Cobby Nuttels, the current mayor of Colorado, made a visit to Vice, along with his friend, Gumball Watterson, husband of his sister, Martha, and the brother of his wife, Mabel, and his two children , Garret and Laura.

"Who is Maximus Vice?" Garret asks

"A bad man who worked with who wanted to kill your uncle!" replied Cobby

"What a fuss! I want to go home!" Laura said. Being very girl, Laura does not like suffocating and filled seats

"Kids, I brought you here to see the one that I sued last year!" Cobby said with a cheerful tone, knowing that one of his brother in law enemies will die in prison.

Cobby seen near Vice's cell a familiar face. A girl who has seen her in high school. She was AC Pelissero. They were best friends, he wanted to be a couple, but remembered that someone is already his.

"Hello ..." said AC

"What are you doing here?" he asked

"I say goodbye to a good friend of my dad ..."

"Your father was a friend of Vice?"

"Yes" she said, weeping. "Dad was doing more business with him. Were so close, that they were like brothers. When dad passed away, he became very mean, and has vowed to get revenge on who killed him. But he did not kill anyone, he dies sick. "