Iceball Stacy WattersonEdit

Iceball Stacy Watterson Is Gumballs Genderswapped Version SheEdit
Appears in the Special Episode The Swapped Where Everybody is Genderswapped She Appears To Have The Same Personality Like Gumball. Like Gumball she also Have a Crush On Penny's Genderswapped Characters RonnyEdit


Iceball is Actually a 12-13 year old 6th grader and Blue Cat who wears a Tan Sweater With Brown At the end of the Arms, wears a Blue'ly Black Skirt She Dosent Wear Shoes and wears a Cap. Her Design Really Reminds of Young Nicole and is a cool tomboy and she is a transgendered/girl version of Gumball Watterson.

Now,Iceball have a new look:she's a blue cat with a tan-brown sweater and a blue-grey denim skirt.Sometimes,she wears a cap with Me Gusta face.