Sullvan's long lost brother who debuted in The Brother. He is voiced by Patrick Star's voice actor.


  • In spite of the fact that it is a Hot Dog, it is not eatable.

Reply: He isn't a actuall a Hot Dog...


His appearence look's alot like his brother's . He has an blonde rim around his right eye and some sky blue dots on his belly. He is also periwinkle

In season 2, he look's like his brother's Season 2 appearence His rim around his right eye is removed though and his spots on his belly are darker. He also had a voice simular to Derpy Hooves.


Hot Dog is kinda dumb. In The MurderFireball accidently ruins Hot Dog's squeaky toy. This made Hot Dog SUPER mad. Hot Dog later trys to murder him. This makes Sullvan SUPER worried that Hot Dog will go to jail or Prision, so he makes a plan.


Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................. (At most times.)

Who you callin pinhead?                                                                 The Skylar

I didnt know my brother died......                                                      The Death

Pause this load of beans...                                                              The Murder

Oh my god! Look at all there bugs!!!!!                                                The Nutbox

Season 2Edit


Hot Dog: I want penkicks.

Sullvan: Pancakes!

Hot Dog: Whatever!                     The Pancakes


  • Hot Dog is just a little bit smarter in The Murder.
  • The only time Hot Dog swore was in The Epilouge.
  • The full name is based on RC's big imagination.
  • Hot Dog will appear in Darling's Brew, but he'll be purple.
  • In The Murder, he trys to kill to Fireball .
  • Hot Dog's full name is Alexaner Clyde Dog.
  • In The Development, Hot Dog's parents were uncomfortabe with Hot Dog around so they made him live with the Wattersons.
  • He appeared in The Tail almost to kill Jonh.
  • In The card,the creator no to decide that he sould not to appear.
  • In a near episode it knows to Bubblegum.
  • Episodes have in nexts opportunities to die.
  • Due to Hot Dog not having an accuall picture of him yet, everyone (But Sullvan and Dinky.) think he is an accuall Hot Dog. Hot Dog ussally gets annoyed by this. (Though Widward202thesecond made a picture of what he actully looks like on Deviantart.)
  • Hot Dog is the most well known character in the FF series.
  • In Bad Guy is a evil guy.
  • "Hyuk! Hyuk! Hyuk!" was to be Hot Dog's catchphrase, but ended up only being used once.