Fireball Watterson




13 (14 As of Season 2 and 15 in Season 3)


Cat-Dhampir(only slight weaker)


Aguilera (Girlfriend as of Season Two onwards) Gumball Darwin Penny Mabel(best friend)


Chica Freddy Foxy Bonnie Mike The Night Guard The Eggheads Bobert Banana Joe Tobias Jamie Tina


Gumball (Little Brother) Darwin (Adoptive Brother) Anais (Little Sister)Mabel(little sister) Mercury (Big sister)Clara (Big sister)Monty(Little Brother)Tyson (Little Brother)Richard (Dad) Nicole (Mom)

Fireball Brad Watterson (usually referred to as simply Fireball) is the son of Richard and Nicole Watterson . Fireball is a blue cat, with a look similar to Gumball. However, unlike Gumball, all of his whiskers are visible.

Fireball Brad WattersonEdit

Fireball Watterson is Gumball and Mabel's 15-year old Big Brother He is the Smartest Watterson After Anais.He dislikes When Someone is Clever than Him . He wears a Red And Black Striped Sweater And Lime pant Like His Mother Father And Gumball He dosent wear shoes. He has a Crush On  Aguilera. She Also Has a Crush On Fireball But Like Penny And Gumball. they struggle to express their emotions to each other. In the end of The Fireball Adventure Aguilera kissed him like Thanks for saving for her life


He Wears a Black and Red Striped Sweater with lime Pants. He Dosen't Wear Shoes

Relationships Edit

Mabel Watterson:She's maybe his sister,but she's his best friend because Mabel only understands him and help him in the situations.

Gumball:They have awkward friendship because he always make him his homework,but Gumball's nice to Fireball and joins him.

Aguilera:His girlfriend,they sometimes meet in the school hallway,just to talk,but they sometimes they hang out whether it's Aguilera's or Fireball's homes.

Abilities Edit

He's less powerful than her younger siblings.

Abilities Edit

Excellent Healing Factor-Since he's weaker,he only heals for about 1 minute at each wound he gets.

Reflexes-He is excellent at running except he's terrible at gymnastics.


  • Fireball's Birthdate is 25 February 1998.
  • Its Revealed in The Move That he is almost the Smartest Watterson
    • He has an IQ of 158,and Anais,of 160.
  • All Fireball's 6 Whiskers is Visible
  • Fireball's Actor is Jeremy Shada That Also Voices Finn In Adventure time
  • Fireball Also Has Anger issues Like Anais And His Mother, And Aguilera
  • Fireball can Hold his breath Very long Underwater
  • Fireball's Middle name is Bradley
    • For that,Martha nicknames him Braddy
  • Fireball Is less Atlethic than Gumball
    • For this comparation, Mercury said that "Fireball doesn't know cheerlanding"
  • As of Season 2 Fireball is 14
  • In Season 3,he's 15
  • There are the Episodes where Fireball Dosent Appear, The Third, The Mystery The Laziest The GI,
  • Fireball Also have a Baseball-bat that He somtimes uses on Tobias and Banana Joe And Sometimes Gumball He's Healing Spell is Paparaparaparaparapara Paw!
  • According to James Lamont's Formspring Fireball is Proof at Scrabble an Always Beats every People Even Anais
  • His look resembles Blake for Two Americans Boys In England.
  • Fireball is (probably)the fourth oldest of the Watterson children.
    • Before Clara and Mercury was a boy.


Fireball: Of all the bad things you have done! This is the baddest! (The DVD)


Fireball: Well wheres your date? (The Party)

Aguilera:I dunno ...Somewhere in China....


Nicole: And your Grade is better than Fireballs! (The Robot)

Fireball: WHAT!? Let me see that *Takes paper and reads the grade*

Fireball: NO THIS CAN BE TRUE! *Runs Cryin away*


Fireball: *Comes walkin in the livin room and sees the Room Totally Messed up* (Future Episode i will make)

Fireball: What is goin on here? What is this mess! I cant even take a shower without you guys Screw things o *Towel fells off*


Fireball sits down in the couch with some Hot Cocao

Fireball: Aah Time for some Hot Cocao * While Fireball Drinks the Cocao Richard Suddenly comes out of Nowhere

Richard: HEY FIREBALL *With Loud voice* Fireball gets shocked and Drops the Hot Cocao On the His Crotch

Fireball: AAAH HOT COCAO ON MY CROTCH!!!! IT BURNS ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Gumball: Fireball Wake up!

Fireball: What now Gumball? *In tired tone*

Fireball: This better be Freakin Important!


Gumball: Dude, why are you always so Grumpy?

Fireball: For that?


Fireball: Hey! Where's that stupid coconut tree?

Maximus Vice: I'M NOT!

Fireball: Fuck off !

Maximus Vice: Oh no! (ran away to another state)