Inside the Leaders room

"Haily!" Fireball screamed. Cheryl ignored Fireball and pointed her gun to Haily. "It's either you or Haily. I prefer you, better." Cheryl says, smiling wickedly. "Quick, Fireball! Think of a diversion!" Fireballs mind said. "Uhhh, O-o-oh y-yeah! Urr," Fireball stutters. "you can't kill a moving target, cause your a...a CHICKEN! Yeah, a CHICKEN!" Fireball yelled. He startes flaping his arms like a chicken. "BAWK!" he kept saying. Cheryl grew in anger everytime. "OOooooo! Your dead!" She screams, shooting the gun like no tommarow. "Oh jeez-" was all Fireball could get before a round of bullets start bonbarding him. He ducked, skid, and rolled, but another wave kept coming after another. Haily was looking pale, Aguilera was tied up, and who knows how much ammo that gun holds! Fireball was getting tired, but he had to keep moving. His strengh gave out. "I only need to press this trigger now..." She was inturupted by Darwin and Daisy, who held bats on each hand. "Don't hurt Fireball!" Darwin yelled, throwing his bat at Cheryl. Cheryl narrowly dodge the bat, and sprained her ankle. Daisy untied Aguilera and tended to some of the wounds on Haily. Police sirens were in the distance, but Cheryl just laughed. "You idiots!" She screamed loudly. Cheryl pressed a small button hidden behind a plant, locking the doors and windows. "You'll all die here! DIE!" She howled. Cheryl stomps down on the desk, and it goes in flames, causing smoke to cover the air. "You'll die...I know you will!" Cheryl screamed. "W-where's Cheryl?!" Darwin said. "I think she dissapeared!" Fireball said in surprise. Everyone started coughing. "We won't...Survive if we...stay here!" Daisy coughed out. That's when Fireball fainted.