Inside the Leaders room

Haily's eyes fluttered open, as they are greeted by grey gas. "W...What's going on?" Haily slurred. Daisy looks with pleading eyes. "Haily! Your finally awake! We got some trouble!" Daisy said with worry. "So you mean...this gas..." "Yes, it's smoke from a fire. Cheryl dissapered to who knows what. Fireball fainted. Aguilera and Darwin are trying to get the door open." Daisy said. Haily could see Fireball laying in a distance. "Let me up..." Haily ordered. Daisy let go of her shirt, which she was holding to cover the blood from the wound. Haily stands up and, for a moment, she felt unbearable pain. "Ahh..." She muttered to herself. She mustered all her strengh to reach the bookself. "So...This is where my sister dissappered?" She asked. Daisy nodded. Haily looked at the bookself. "Ahh! I know!" Haily yelled. "In mystery movies, books usually act as a trigger to a screat door!" Daisy just rolls her eyes. "Now THAT is just impossible..." "Did it!" Haily said, showing a small hole. "...Okay, Everybody out!" Daisy yelled.

Outside Le Pora

Everyone crawled out of the hole, as police come and grab all of them. "One of them is injured." One of the police said. "Bullet wound. Chest. Get her to the ambulence." Another one said as they dragged Haily away. "Don't worry, she'll be fine. Do you know who did it...?" Fireball was the one to speak up. "Cheryl Garven." He said sternly. He knew she'll come back. And he's ready.