Daisy Clayer



Also known as:





Gumball, Darwin, Violet(best friend), Diamond, Topaz, Cinnamon, Nutmeg


Miss Simian, Nate, Jax, Tremor


Violet Clayer(sixplete sister) Diamond Clayer(sixplete brother), Topaz Clayer(sixplete brother), Cinnamon Clayer(sixplete brother), Nutmeg Clayer(sixplete sister), Adeline Clayer(older sister) Jennifer Clayer(mother), Milton Clayer(father)



First Appearence:

The Orphans




Jim Parsons

Daisy Clayer is the second kid of the Clayers and is also the second smartest family member. She can run at an amazing speed, and is 6. She gets along with her friends very well.


Daisy is a light pink rabbit. She has big floppy ears and is about Anais's height, even though she is Gumball's half age. Like Anais, she has a dress, but it is light green with a large red heart in the middle instead. She wears white shoes, like Anais. You can see the drawing of Daisy in the Wiki Pictures of this wiki.


Daisy is a very energetic rabbit with a very unique feature, and that is her speed. Daisy wins at many races, as she can not stop running in most of her appearences. Daisy also has a name similar to Daizy the Donkey and Daize for Groovie and Spike.


  • Daisy has a name similar to Daizy the Donkey's name.
  • In later episodes, Daisy might get her own room with Violet.
  • Daisy's name is a reference to the flower Daisy.
  • In later episodes, she may run races because of her feet.
  • In later episodes, she might get a boyfriend.
    • It's hinted that her boyfriend can be Tyson.
  • Daisy's actor voice is Hortensia Cavaleras,a 23 years old American girl with Spanish accent,who aslo played Matilde Dummsteck in the comedy serial "Who Is My Donkey?".
  • In later episodes, she might get a new look.

Notable QuotesEdit

-"OH DAMN!That's so cool! " (Give-five to Martha)

Voice ActorsEdit

US/UK: Teresa Gallagher (season 1, cuz hehe, her voice was change);

Season 2&3(US/UK): Kathy Leslie (Actor)

Season 4: Sally Canderman

Canada(lol,just on french part): Anna Ballen

Season 5 - present: Jim Parsons

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