* The Episode's Title is a Reference to the Live Action/Animated Film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


(The Episode begins in the Gym Hall Where Aguilera, MeeMee, and the Rest of the Cheerleading squad is Practicing)

Aguilera: Great work girls!

Aguilera: Now Let's do a Pyrami-

(Some Gun shots are heard)

Aguilera: What the Hell!!?!?

(Aguilera sees that Carmen is laying dead on the Floor bleeding)

Aguilera: Oh Great!! You just killed one of my Cheerleaders, Who are you?!

(The Man In the entrace runs off)

Teri: Did he have a Gun?!

Aguilera: Of Course Whore! He just shot Carmen who laying down on the Floor Dead!!

(Some more Gun shots are heard)

Penny: That Sounded Like it came from the Hallway!

Aguilera: Let's go check.

Penny: The rest of you Stay here!

Molly: Why?

Penny: Cuz this Sitaution is not for People with weak souls....

(Penny Looks around)

Penny: Where did Aguilera Go?!

Molly: She blasted off Without You.

(Meanwhile at the Hallway where All the Students is Gathering Outside Principal Brown's Office)

(Aguilera Joins the Party)

Aguilera: What the Fuckity Fuck Is going on here!

Gumball: Principal Brown has been Killed!

Aguilera: Whaat?!

MeeMee: Whaat?!

Fireball: Some Guy broke into his Office and Shot him 5 Times!

Aguilera: He also shot Carmen!!

Darwin: He Did ?!?

Aguilera: I Didn't see him but But there was a Guy in the Entrace who Shot Her!

Darwin: Where's her Body!

Aguilera: It's still in the Gym Hall

(The Gym Hall)

(Penny is dotting Carmen's dead body with a branch)

Penny: I've never seen a Real life dead person before..

(The Hallway)

(Two Policemens Carries Brown's Dead Body out of his Office)

Policemen: OK OK Out of the Way People..

(The Policemen carries Brown's Dead Body out in a Ambulance and Drives away)

Police Officers: Okay Folks, We don't know who Killed Principal Brown, So We're setting up an Reward on 3000 Dollars to the One who Finds the Murder.

(The Police Officer leaves)

Gumball: Wow! That's a Shitload of Dollars!

MeeMee: And I want it!!!

Fireball: We should Team up and Investigate in this!

Fireball:..In Sherlock Holmes!

Fireball: You Wanna join us Aguilera?

Aguilera: Sorry, We have to find a New Cheerleader.

Fireball: Why?

Aguilera: Didn't you listen to me?, The Mysterious Gay guy shot her and She died!, End of Story!

(Aguilera walks away)

Darwin: What's her Problem?

Gumball: Okay What's the Plan Fireball?

Fireball: Well I Think we should Start with the Person who is most the Mischevious and Cruel on this School!

Gumball: What About Jamie?

Fireball: No!

Gumball: Why Not?

Fireball: Don't you remember this Morning?


(Aguilera, Fireball, Gumball, Darwin, MeeMee, And Jamie are the Waiting for the School Bus)

Jamie: Godammit! I Fucking hate the School

Jamie: I Hate Everything about the School!

Jamie: The Students! The Teachers! The Ugly Rooms!

Jamie: And that Fucking annoying Alan! Who always want me to hold his Bo-

Aguilera: Jamie, If you really Hate the School so much!, Then why don't you Just Runaway!?

Aguilera: Nobody can Stop you..

Jamie: Yes! Why didn't I Just think of that?

(Jamie walks over the road, Then Stops and looks Back)

Jamie: Thanks! Bye Lo-

(Suddenly, a big truck Drives Jamie over and Kills her and Blood gets Spread all over Aguilera, MeeMee, Fireball, Gumball, And Darwin)


(Flashback ends)

Gumball: And that's the end of story!

Fireball: Well... What else!

Gumball: Hmm...........

Gumball: You thinking what I thinking?!

Fireball: What is it? AiAi and MeeMee? I don't want them go to jail!

Gumball: No! MeeMee is finding for clues, Aguilera is still finding a new cherrleader, AiAi has the chicken pox and-

Fireball: Chicken Pox?!

Gumball: Yeah. That is a super disease!

Fireball: Okay...

Fireball: But two pepole!

Gumbal: Then what?

Fireball: Let me show you....

(At lunch time)

Gumball: Let's start for clues!

MeeMee: I already heard that!

Fireball: We got Tobias, Bobert, The Eggheads, Anais, Darwin, SpongeBob, and Masami

Gumball: I got Crypto and Pox as well.

Fireball: Okay!